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How to Attract the Best Talent

Want to attract the best talent? 

Building a great team is high on the priority list for many construction companies. However, it's a highly competitive industry and the best talent can be selective about the construction contractors and housing developers they want to work for. 

Candidates now look beyond salaries, job descriptions and fancy job titles. Social media, culture, brand and values all determine your ability to attract the top talent in the region... and attracting that talent is a challenge that must be addressed and in new and innovative ways. 

Market your benefits package (not just the salary) 

Money is still a major factor, but it's not the benefit top talent is considering when joining a new employer. They want to be a part of something meaningful, work in an environment that allows for innovation, challenges them, makes work more enjoyable and provides a sensible work-life balance.

What incentives do you offer? Work nights out and weekends away are important to promote however in an ever-changing modern world, flexibility is fast-becoming one of the key drivers! 

What is in it for them? 

Career opportunities, personal development and progression are top of the list for top talent looking for a new challenge. Do you have a development plan? What internal opportunities are available to those with the right attributes looking to progress their career?

Consider that employers which can demonstrate a lower staff turnover and a reputation for promoting staff from within have a better chance of attracting and keeping the most desirable candidates. 

Embrace social media to promote culture & values 

Social media is one of the most effective ways to develop brand and engage with prospective talent. Ensure that you have an active social media presence, post regular updates, success stories, industry news and project wins - but don't overcook it with pictures of the office cat, dog or hamster.  

Live and breathe the company values and promote the company culture online. It's a great idea to get current employees involved, consider using workplace video content to promote the brand on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the company website Career Pages. 

Take a more proactive approach 

In a highly competitive market you may need to take a more proactive approach to attracting talent.  Make sure you partner with the right recruiter, ask yourself, do they know my business? are they located in the right area? do they share similar values? are they passionate about recruiting for us? do their team have the right skills, experience and network to provide you with the top talent? and, do you trust them to reflect positively on your recruitment process and ability to attract future talent? 

Happy hunting... and don't forget to call Saxton if you need assistance in attracting your next star!